Dr Ashish Dutta explains the Liquid Facelift

Facelifts naturally suggest a surgical procedure but the liquid facelift is a completely non-surgical procedure. It is done with Sculptra which is poly-L-lactic acid and sometimes we may add filler. The liquid facelift has been done with diluting the poly-lactic acid with saline and local anaesthetic and injecting into small amounts into the surrounding areas of the cheeks chin to give a full volumizing effect. It takes about 2-3 sessions delivered every 4-6 weeks apart to give the desired effect which usually lasts between 18 & 24 months. And for some structural improvement of the face for example a very defined cheek or the jaw line we can add Radiesse. The treatments are called bio-stimulators meaning they don’t just give the volumizing effects but also excite the surrounding cells to produce collagen to help the effect last longer. Each of these treatments has various benefits and side effects and the patient needs to be counselled about them. We also need to take good before and after pictures to help the patient see the change that is happening in their face over the next 3-6 months. It is very slow but it does give the patient much fresher looks over the next few months.