Dr Ash Dutta talks about surgical treatments

Dr Ash Dutta discusses the treatments that are available at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, more specifically in this video. The surgical treatments.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre we do various types of treatment, we do the non-surgical, laser treatments and of course the surgical or the cosmetic surgery. We offer some of the balloon insertions used for reducing weight, also we offer hair transplants.

The surgical side of treatments.

Today we are mainly focusing on the surgical side, which is the cosmetic surgical treatments we do. In cosmetic surgery we do liposuctions which are divided into various categories for example, Vaser liposuction, Body Tight and laser or smart Liposuction. We also offer some types of body contouring; we do the high def for Vaser.

Moving up the body from there we do facial surgery, facelifts and Necklifts, blepharoplasty, the endoscopic brow lifts and occasionally hair transplants too. In the general body group, we do breast treatments such as breast augmentation, breast lift and sometimes breast reduction. We also do thigh lifts and arm lifts along with abdominoplasty

Qualifications and registrations.

All these treatments are done under CQC registration for which we have full registration of that at Aesthetic Beauty Centre our theatres are fully accredited. We also have FIN, which is the new group formed by the British government to see what sort of treatments the independent sector is doing in the private sector and they monitor us, they tell us what to do, what not to do, what is good practice.

For the breast registry, all our breast implants will go through the breast registry so that our patients can feel safe and everybody is registered with the breast registry so that if anything goes wrong. Unlike the PIP scandal from, we can now trace all our patients and if needed; we can bring them back and do whatever is needed to fix the issue.

Safety at Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre we aim to put safety first ensuring the patient is looked after, this process starts as soon as the consultation. Every patient should have one if not two consultations so we are able to explain to them the pros and cons of the treatment, what could go wrong and how we look after the patient post procedure. These safety precautions need to be set before the patient has even decided if they want to have the treatment or not.

Ultimately the consultation goes into consenting that means we explain to the patient, we give them the consent in writing, in Aesthetic Beauty Centre we usually give it to them a week or two before so they are able to take it home and re read it, understand and of course they can come back to us if they have any questions needing answered.

After the op.

Once the procedure has been performed, all patients have 24 hour access to Dr Ash and the nurse if there is any issues we can see them and then we can take them through the review process, so that when everything is achieved the patient can ultimately be discharged and hopefully be a happy patient.   

If you are looking to get any of the treatments available at Aesthetic Beauty Centre or would like to book a consultation with us. You can either call us, email or request a call back, please contact us here .