Dr Ash Dutta on Gynaecomastia (Moobs)

Gynaecomastia can be a very uncomfortable topic to discuss, Dr Ash Dutta explains the types of Gynecomastia, the methods of treatment that would be used at Aesthetic Beauty Centre and an overview of it.

What is Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia by definition, is an increased size of breast tissue in males, this can be caused by hormonal imbalances or hormonal therapy. Gynaecomastia can be either enlarged tissue or it could also be fat and excess skin. Age could also be a factor in somebody getting Gynaecomastia as there is a type of gynaecomastia called adolescent Gynaecomastia, also some people over the age of 40 or 50 do also develop a slight increase in breast tissue.

Grades of Gynaecomastia

There are mainly four grades of gynaecomastia:

  • The first grade of gynaecomastia is where there is minimal amount of gland and fatty tissue, this grade of gynaecomastia is usually able to be treat by liposuction or Vaser liposuction alone.
  • Grade two involves a larger amount of fat and gland collection, but removal of the gland may have to be a separate procedure because at times it can be not so easy to remove the gland with liposuction or Vaser liposuction alone.
  • Grade three gynaecomastia is not only where the removal of fat and the gland, but other measures may also need to be considered in order to give the patient a better chest shape and size.
  • In grade four there is so much excess skin associated with the increased amount of fat and gland collection that we may need to consider a traditional lift and sometimes some skin removal and tightening to give the chest a better shape.

Managing Gynaecomastia

When gynaecomastia is related to age, adolescent gynaecomastia which can happen between the ages 12-18 years, Aesthetic Beauty Centre do not often offer the hormonal testing and treatments. However, if the gynaecomastia continues into the early 20s and so forth then a test of the hormones may be necessary to figure if there are any other medical conditions that may be present.  

In treating grade one or two gynaecomastia, Aesthetic Beauty Centre would most likely use Vaser liposuction to remove any of the fat and if there is any gland whether it is palpable or visible then the gland may also need excising. In traditionally larger breasts, more so in men over the age of 35-40 this is often a trend because of many reasons. One of the main reasons could be the use of steroids in their youth and many other medications that can cause gynaecomastia, we may need to consider not only taking the fat and the gland out with the use of liposuction and the excision of the gland but also undertaking a traditional mastopexy along with a skin excision to give it a better shape

Recovering from Gynaecomastia

The recovery procedure from Gynaecomastia treatment with a mastopexy is longer, however the effect on a person’s life once the recovery has been completed will be huge as they will now be able to go on holiday, be confident to remove their clothes and generally feel better about themselves. Overall the simple procedures available to treat gynaecomastia can make a patient’s life so much better.

If you would like to know more about gynaecomastia or are looking to book a consultation at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, please contact us.