I’ve had a facelift but my hands don’t match, what can I do? Dr Ash Dutta explains

After having a facelift, you may feel that other features of your body that can be related to age may also be needing treatment to make you feel more youthful. Dr Ash Dutta, cosmetic surgeon at Aesthetic Beauty Centre, explains why you may have these feelings and what routes you could take to improving them.

The main areas after a facelift you feel may need attention.

When you have had a face lift, due to it being such an isolated area and sometimes the combination of a neck lift, can leave your face looking rejuvenated. However, there is three areas which can give the age away, including the ear lobe which can look a bit wrinkly as we progress with age; it can begin to droop a bit and become longer.

Second is the back of the hand, whenever you are wearing a nice-looking dress people will also be looking at your face but as you lift your hand, the wrinkling or veins that are more prominent can show your real age.

The third area which can reveal signs of ageing is the centre of your chest, which can be prone to wrinkles and some sagging too.

Now talking about the matter at hand.

At Aesthetic Beauty Centre we now have two or three methods of treatment you can choose from to reduce the surface age of the skin on the back of your hands, we can use IPL or laser which will reduce the appearance of ageing and veins or sometimes being able to remove them.

Second, we can use a fat transfer or sometimes we use fillers like Radiesse to put into the back of the hand to make them look fuller, not puffier but fuller to give it a bit more of a youthful appearance.

Over the last few years in the USA they are getting more and more requests for the prominent veins to be removed. In the UK we are a lot more conservative and a lot more cautious too, these veins are used to put many medicines in; we also take blood from them. The idea of removing these veins which are natural to us does not sit very comfortably with the mentality of the UK. Some patients have such prominent veins and are so conscious about it, we have performed foam sclerotherapy or removed them as we do for leg veins to make the hands look better and reduce the wrinkle of the hands.

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