Dr Ash Dutta talks about Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation involves the procedure of increasing the size of the patient’s buttocks, Dr Ash Dutta explains the different types of buttock augmentation available to the patients who visit Aesthetic Beauty Centre.

Buttock augmentation is a very popular treatment, some people refer to Buttock augmentation as a Brazilian butt lift because it is done with fat. However, there are two or three ways available to patients wanting a buttock augmentation. These involve using fat transfers, implants and fillers.

Firstly, the fat transfer procedure, or the Brazilian butt lift. This involves removing fat from one area and transfer it into the buttocks to make it look bigger. A concept involving this method is that whilst removing the fat from one area, you are already making the buttocks look bigger due to the smaller areas around the buttock. So, when putting the fat into the buttocks it will then enhance the shape of the buttocks.

Second option is implants. The implants can be with silicone which are the gel form, or the other option of solid silicone. A possibility is that the silicone implants can rupture and sometimes need replacing. There are some other complications that can occur that need to be discussed with the patient too.

Fillers are the third option. Originally it was Macrolane which has now been withdrawn, Hyacorp is one of the replacements amongst the new fillers. It is important to discuss the length of the effectiveness of these treatments, as fillers usually last from around 6-12 months. This is important that the patient knows because the treatment will need to be repeated whenever the fillers are worn down.

All treatments have their own pros and cons, so it is important that the patient is appropriately counselled and is aware of all of the possible repercussions involved. So, you know which method of buttock augmentation is the best choice for you as an individual.

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