Dr Ashish Dutta on Surgical Treatments

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre we do various types of treatments including surgical, laser treatments and of course the surgical treatments. We also do some of the balloon insertions for reducing weight and hair transplants.

Today we are mainly concentrating on the surgical side of the treatments we do. In cosmetic surgery we do liposuction which are divided in to various categories such as vaser liposuction, bodytite, laser or smartlipo then we also do some body contouring, we do the high def for vaser and then from their we do the facial surgery, the facelift, the neck lift, the endoscopic brow lift and sometimes hair transplant. In the general body group we do breast treatments including breast lift and breast reduction and thigh lift and arm lift.

These treatments are done with CQC registration and our theatres are accredited. For the breast registry all our breast implants go through the breast registry so our patients can feel safe that each patient is registered so if anything goes wrong like the BIP scandal about 8 or 9 years ago we can now trace our patients and bring them back if necessary.

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre we try to put safety first making sure the patients are looked after and again that process starts with the consultation. I believe that every patient has to have at least one if not two consultations to find out about the procedure and the pros and cons of each procedure. Once the procedure is performed each of our patients has 24 access to me and the nurses which means if there are any issues we can see them and take them through the review process.

Let me take you to the theatre and explain to you a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes:-