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Dr Ash Dutta - Bridel well groomed

For your unique day, why not take advantage of our personalized special bridal packages which are available throughout our North East, Greater Newcastle and London practices.

Dr. Ashish Dutta, a skilled expert in Cosmetic Surgery treatments can help to enhance your special day with a series of pre-wedding procedures that will make your day and evening that bit more memorable by creating the body contours you have always wanted.

By simply following the recommended wedding preparation time line below, you can experience the treatments you’ve always wanted to and enjoy a bridal discount as our wedding present to you. Why not bring your Maid Of Honor and bridesmaids for a truly unique pre-wedding treatment. Cosmetic Countdown.

Come in 5 days before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Microdermabrasion – A Power skin peel for a glowing radiant and smooth complexion.

Come in 3 weeks before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Botox for wrinkle-free smooth skin to forehead and the erasing of crow´s feet and frown lines, plus higher arched eyebrows.

Come in 3 weeks before wedding:

Cosmetic Medical Treatment: Collagen, Cosmoplast and Restylane injectables for fuller and more sexy lips and smoother skin.

Come in 3 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Laser Treatment: Laser Hair Removal for the care-free eradication of all unwanted body hair.

Come in 3 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Medical Treatment: Spider Vein Removal which is used to eliminate unsightly veins from the legs.

Come in 3 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: IPL Photorejuvenation, for the elimination of age spots, sun damage and broken capillaries (Rosacea) resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Come in 3 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Cellulite reduction to smooth out unwanted cellulite and improve skin appearance.

Come in 4 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Skin Care Treatments consisting of various professional skin care products which are only available through a medical doctor and designed to enhance and improve your skin to its previously youthful look.

Come in 6 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Liposuction to remove unwanted fat and help contour your body while losing inches around thigh, buttocks, stomach and arms. Thanks to micro lipo-sculpture, most areas can benefit from the removal of fatty deposits, even around the face and sensitive areas.

Come in 9 months before wedding:

Cosmetic Surgery Treatment: Breast Augmentation, which is the surgery to enhance and beautify the breasts with natural looking and feeling inserts to create a curvaceous and confident new you.

Please contact any of our Asthetic Beauty Centres for professional advice and procedure information on our full range of ¨Lifestyle Packages¨.

Dr Ash Dutta’s patients reviews on Breast Augmentation

Video Testimonials engages viewers unlike before and after images.

Most people/customers want reassurances that they are indeed getting the ‘real deal’, that the service/surgery procedure and the cosmetic surgeon who is going to perform this will meet their needs. Also with video testimonials, it is clear to see that the company’s claims match up to what the service is actually offering.

It is very easy for most companies to indulge in spurious practices and manipulate images but video testimonials walk the talk as they are authentic as these are usually given by customers who have had a genuine experience with the services. These then give a concrete social proof to others who would want to avail of those services or choose the same surgeon who has been appreciated. Videos humanize the brand and have the power to affect a strong connection between the surgeon, the clinic and the potential patients/customers.

Here, at Aesthetic Beauty centre, patients of Dr Ash Dutta are happy to share their experience of the Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement surgery.

Watch the testimonials of  happy and satisfied patients of our surgeon, Dr Ash Dutta

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