The Cost of Vaser Lipo

Cost of VASER Lipo

When you are considering a cosmetic procedure, cost should never be your deciding factor, as a cheaper operative cost doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be getting the same standard of quality care.

VASER liposuction is a relatively straightforward procedure to perform but requires a certain level of expertise and experience.  And like any surgery, it can have complications. So be sure your surgeon is board certified in cosmetic or aesthetic surgery. Thus it is better to have an experienced surgeon from the outset rather than have to pay more later to get it corrected.

The cost of VASER Liposuction procedures usually range from £2,000 to £8,000 and depends on the following factors:

  • The area and number of body parts that are being targeted
  • Amount of fat to be removed
  • Technique of liposuction (Vaser lipo, Vaser Mid Def or 4D/Hi Def)
  • Sedation or local anaesthesia (LA) to be used

At the Aesthetic Beauty Centre, the estimated cost may be as follows :

Area(s)   cost starts from
Small Area £2000
Large area £2500
Large + Small Area  £3000
Large + Small + Small Area£4000
Large + Large Area £3750

Thus the cost of VASER Lipo is dependent on your requirements and expectations, which must be realistic.  It is potentially a great solution for many problematic areas such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, lower legs, flanks/love handles, arms/bingo wings, back, chest/man boobs, bra bulges, chin/double chin and neck.


-Dr Ash Dutta

How to Choose a VASER Lipo Surgeon?

Choosing the right surgeon is the most important thing that you can do when you are preparing for VASER lipo. Although this procedure is considered a minor surgery and minimally invasive, there are certain risks and potential complications like any other surgery.  Hence it is necessary to find a doctor with extensive experience in VASER lipo and an exceptional track record of safety and good reviews. Additionally, the results of your VASER lipo could last for a long time, so you should choose a doctor who will give you the results you desire.

While cost is obviously an important factor when it comes to VASER lipo, it should definitely not be the deciding one. The ultimate metric of measurement should be the doctor’s capability to deliver desired cosmetic changes and the patient’s well being after the surgery. Choosing the wrong doctor to save a little today could cost far more in the long run if it requires a corrective procedure.

With so many doctors offering VASER lipo, choosing the right one is not always an easy task. However, there are certain things to take into consideration:

1) Certifications and Affiliations

Technically, any licensed doctor can perform VASER lipo, but not all doctors offer the same degree of expertise. For your safety and ultimate satisfaction, you should always choose a surgeon with a long track record in this technique.  Also, another thing to consider – being a plastic surgeon does not necessarily mean being good at VASER lipo.

2)  Experience

It is important to choose a doctor who is performing regular VASER lipo procedures and achieving good results. Ask for details of previous patients to speak to, if needed. Even if a surgeon has a great reputation for tummy tucks or facelifts, if he does not have first-hand knowledge of VASER lipo, he is possibly not the right choice for your treatment. It is also beneficial to choose a doctor who is capable of dealing with complications.

3) Procedures/Techniques Offered

Before choosing your surgeon, you should do a bit of research about the different types of liposuction available. If you know other people who have had VASER lipo, you should ask them about the level of sculpting their doctors used and how they felt about the treatment. That way, if you are interested in a particular technique, you can find a doctor who provides the treatment according to your choice. Also, do not believe everything on the internet, look for reputable blogs and review sites.

4) Previous Outcomes

Most doctors have pictures of past procedures available to view online or offline. However, sometimes the best patient result photos can give you false expectations – it is important to remember that not all patients are the same and no Surgeon should give guarantees.

5) Bedside Manner

Choose a Surgeon you feel comfortable with and who answers all your questions. You should never choose a doctor who pressurizes you to undergo more treatment than you want or expect. Make sure your expectations and your treatment care plan are in alignment.

-Dr Ash Dutta

Advantages of VASER Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction

For many years, Liposuction has been the preferred choice when it comes to fat removal.

However, a novel contouring procedure known as VASER, which is short for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, but commonly known as LipoSelection (which is less of a mouthful), is now helping people lose weight and gently reshape their body without significant pain or downtime.

Compared to Liposuction, which is now regarded as a more invasive treatment, often causing swelling and bruising, LipoSelection uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology that enables it to differentiate fat from other tissues including nerves and blood cells. The treatment only targets  the fat the patient requires removing, which is why there is less swelling and bruising.

Liposuction was first introduced in 1920, since then, enormous progress has been made in the procedure with new methods becoming mainstream every year. The latest technique of liposuction with VASER removes the unwanted fat from your body, thus creating a defined and sculpted body. The surgeon breaks up and emulsifies the fat prior to removal with an ultrasound probe which facilitates the liposuction process and reduces pain. VASER liposuction combines ultrasonic waves (inaudible sound wave) with liposuction technology where ultrasonic waves precisely breaks up and liquefies targeted fat without disrupting connective tissue, nerves or blood vessels while  liposuction technology safely removes the stubborn body fat with minimal to no damage to the surrounding tissue resulting in a limited bruising. The technique is becoming popular due to its quick recovery time, and less complications compared to the other traditional liposuction procedures.

Difference between VASER lipo and Traditional lipo-

Choosing which method and technique of liposuction is needed to remove unwanted excess fat is an individual choice and also something that your surgeon will help you decide.

However, it is important to understand the basic differences between these two methods of unwanted fat removal.

  • Both traditional liposuction and Vaser Lipo can be used to treat larger areas of fat, while Vaser Lipo is especially effective for removal of dense, fibrous fatty tissue, such as the fat found in the back and male breasts.
  • Traditional liposuction mostly refers to power-assisted liposuction in which the fat is not prepared for removal. However with Vaser Lipo, ultrasonic waves initially and precisely break up and liquefy targeted fat without disrupting connective tissue, nerves or blood vessels before safely removing the stubborn body fat. Thus in VASER lipo liquefaction of the hard, fibrous tissue before removal makes the removal process easier and less traumatic to surrounding tissue which results less bruising and swelling.

Advantages of VASER Lipo over Traditional liposuction-

Vaser Lipo is an excellent method for body-sculpting and contouring as it has the following advantages and benefits over other traditional method of liposuction

  • Relatively less invasive as compared to traditional lipo
  • The emitted sound waves only target stubborn fat deposits, thus precision is guaranteed
  • There is minimal damage to surrounding tissue such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissues
  • Suitable for both large as well as small areas
  • Can be performed under local anaesthetic
  • It can be completed quickly rather than taking up to three hours, as in a traditional liposuction.
  • Can be performed as an outpatient procedure, i.e. does not require an overnight stay in hospital
  • Relatively low operation time, approximately 1-2 hours depending upon the areas to be treated
  • Minimum downtime and recovery time is faster due to it being much less intrusive than traditional lipo
  • Minimal scarring, bruising and bleeding  because the fat is essentially disrupted before being removed- the cannula does not have to be moved aggressively to break up the fat as in other traditional methods.
  • Less painful than traditional lipo because the sensitive nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue are spared
  • This advanced procedure stimulates collagen production which results in the skin tightening rather than sagging, so the need to perform an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is reduced.
  • Good skin retraction which can be maintained with good lifestyle
  • Smoother and more predictable immediate results which can even be visible from day one with continued improvement up to six months later.
  • Safer and more effective procedure when compared to traditional liposuction

There are some variations in the method of Vaser Lipo such as Standard  VASER lipo, VASER Hi-Def, VASER 4D etc and depending on which method is used, patients may be advised to take some precautions like not to drive/fly or engage in any intense physical activity for a few weeks during recovery period. Patients can return to normal activities within a shorter time span, although there may be some discomfort following the procedure. But overall it is most effective and a safe technique among all other methods of unwanted fat removal from your body.

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Qualified doctors and nurses will discuss the procedure before any treatment, explaining any possible side effects

-Dr Ash Dutta

Is Social Media Driving Demand for Cosmetic Surgery?

Social Media is playing a huge role when it comes to self-esteem and this is obvious by just looking at the countless number of body images consistently being uploaded on a daily basis across different platforms.

Research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that Americans are seeking out cosmetic surgery and augmentations at an exponential rate. Last year (2016) alone saw almost 17 million surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures being performed.

Breast Augmentation dominates this with the no.1 spot with Liposuction as the close second and facial related surgeries are seeing an unprecedented growth.

Non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures topped 15 million in 2016 and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

In January 2017 it was reported that there are currently 2.7 billion active social media users in the world right now.  It’s safe to say that social media has opened up the world and as our vision of the world has grown, the pressure to ‘keep up’ has become intense on all accounts.

All of the above points to the increase of body images/selfies on social media- Facebook/Instagram and apps like Snapchat. The world is looking for self-validation and this is very evident by the number of images people post on a daily basis and expect comments/compliments. People everywhere now realize that if Filters and airbrushed effects can dramatically alter their appearance, then why not opt for plastic/cosmetic surgery for a more permanent look.

Social media has impacted people’s self-esteem and has been driving them to look better constantly. With everyone constantly having access to ‘perfect’ celeb images, ads on how to look perfect and more beautiful, information on where to go to get their bodies and faces altered has changed the way cosmetic surgery operates. That level of looking flawless that was previously reserved only for high profile models, actors/actresses is now easily available for the masses.

Even Men have become the major drivers of the demand. Between 1997-2015, the number of surgeries for men increased by more than 1.2 million procedures. Whilst social media platforms have predominantly been a woman’s domain, men have now increasingly started to post and share body images and the metrosexual movement over the past decade has only added onto it.

But there is an equally dark side to this aspect of ‘body image’ that is going around on social media platforms and this is to do with the fact that most amongst us are blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not in terms of physical appearances. Blown up lips, poreless skin, noses and cheeks contoured and shaped into absolute perfection, breast and other body part enhancements that defy both gravity and reality- have all changed the perception of what beauty truly is? Followers of celebrities who can afford to go under a surgeon’s knife at the drop of a hat are influencing young tweens/teens everywhere and also women/men in their 30s/40s/50s and beyond with devastating effects. For these young and not so young impressionable minds- beauty is about perfection and constant change in physical looks and this has led to a ‘Crisis’ in self-image and self-appreciation. A crisis in confidence that no social media app can seemingly have an answer to.

A significant reason is that more than a decade ago celebs were less likely to openly admit to getting surgical enhancements done; but with the recent rise of apps/filters in Snapchat & Instagram- celebs like e.g. Kylie Jenner, reality TV stars like Kim Kardashian and her family have a massive influence as they are open about their treatments, appearances and use these apps/platforms to garner fan following on a daily basis by dramatically altering their images.

So apart from peer pressure and all kinds of societal pressure, there is the added aspect of ‘no stigma’ attached around cosmetic surgery as it did earlier. Combining these- it’s no wonder then that young and not so young women are lining up to change their appearances which has resulted in ‘duck lips’ or ‘trout pout’ catastrophes as one of the most asked for enhancements in a long list.

Why do women want bigger lips is probably more of a psychological question than just a physical appearance based one!

In fact there is a clear divide now- between those (the millenials- 18-24 year olds) who want to look good just so they look better on their social media profiles/pictures and those (older age groups) who want surgical enhancements just to feel good about themselves- if this is the driving force then it tells us a lot of where we are at as a collective society.

“Social Media is a double-edged sword for Cosmetic Surgery. It has increased the awareness of the general public who are well informed of the pros and cons of the individual procedures. It can work hand in hand with the cosmetic surgery community to make it safer for patients.

On the other hand, the hypes about over-inflated lips on Instagram or disproportionately large buttocks on the internet is pushing the boundaries of normality and altering the expectations of the average patient. The visual compass of modern day clients are set by the photo-shopped pictures that we all see in the glossy magazines.”

Understanding real results and effects versus altered images from social media that clients/patients bring as references is the key here. Counselling is also one of the most effective ways to understand why a young woman/man wants to undergo the surgery- what are the true motivations behind that and most importantly making them understand that cosmetic surgery is a serious affair and not a dalliance as they are used to on social media.

A vicious cycle that must be addressed so that everyone understands the repercussions/effects and true benefits of cosmetic surgery. It’s great when understood well.

We must begin by raising awareness and illuminating the fact that often social media profiles and images are not the real world, and that what looks good on someone or on a screen may not necessarily look good on another person. Human beings are not clones and yet we seem to be cloning each other drastically.

The true origins of Cosmetic Surgery come from a place of adding value that enhances an individual’s life in a way that is physically and mentally geared up to face challenges and this is what we at Aesthetic Beauty Centre strive to achieve.

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-Dr Ash Dutta